Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dream Warrior - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hidden from the human eye is a realm of superiority and power, creatures and gods, life and death. All bow to the eternal power of the source, needing a balance in all battles in the struggle to dominate and control. The forces of good and evil walk the edge of a sword through time. Protection and sacrifice, strength and weakness, pure and tainted, hum through the core of existence known as the universe. .
Powerful and strong, he served Zeus for centuries carrying out the gods will with a destructive regiment. Ordered to seek out and kill was an order Cratus did without question until the day his eyes met that of an innocent infant with a death sentence. For his defiance an endless punishment was decreed upon the power stripped god. Born of the gods Warcraft and Hate, Cratus was banished into the human world to exist as a man of poverty and pain. Changing his name to Jericho, he carries a heavy wound in his soul that only festers and swells with a grudge of hate, bitterness and hostility.
In the slumber of incuriousness, the mind is open to predators in the mist of a dream state. As a Dream-Hunter, she has spent her life to help the human mind in its delusional fantasy from the harm that hides in the shadows. Known to all as a beautiful Oneroi, Delphine now is one of the few left as an evil force that traps the Olympians in a war for control. Time is racing and the balance is tipping. They know they can not win this alone.
No words can convince Jericho when he is approached to help the very beings that turned their backs on him centuries ago. With no choice Delphine is chosen to persuade the only one that can win the fight with his restored powers.
Arrogant hostility shields Jericho's feelings with every breath. Learning that if the coming events are left untouched, the rippling effect will cause the destruction of the world and all that live will die. Jericho turns away from them as they did to him, until the moment he looks upon her face. The eyes, when he looks into those eyes a stirring of lost feelings emerge from his heart and the past. Not understanding why, he trusts the woman that pulls at a part of him that he thought was lost forever. Together they forge to fight in a quest to find peace, and for Jericho, the woman standing at his side fights for his heart that she comes to
My rating - 4 stars

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