Friday, April 16, 2010

Larissa Ione- Desire Unchained (book 2)

Holy Cow, what can I say about Shade except WOW. Yeah everyone knows I love the dark haired, smart assed men but boy oh boy this Demon is something else. Of course Shade is a Seminus demon but his mother was an Umber demon so his gift he received from her was the ability to sense female’s guilt and darkness. So what does good old Shade do, he helps them through it all with a little BDSM, he has every whip and pleasure-torture device known to man and demon. This part of himself he hides well from Wraith but Eidolon knows all about it and his little sex cave in Central America. So let’s get into it, Shade dates women, he prefers humans or humanoid looking demons, so he was dating Runa who is human but he felt she was getting clingy so he decided to cheat on her- yep he was in bed with two demons and she walked in- just an FYI, I would have been pissed- no running out the door for me- more like throwing things first then running out the door. Runa runs from his apartment and runs smack into Luc, a Werewolf that works with Shade, but he is running from The Aegis so to keep her from screaming he bites her and dumps her body thinking he killed her. Of course Runa didn’t die, so almost a year later she comes back looking for Shade and she gets kidnapped outside his apartment. We can all guess who kidnapped her, yep it is Roag, but he also kidnapped Shade and his Umber sister Skulk. Shade wakes up chained up in the dungeon with Runa, who is pissed off at him, but he needs her help and of course she helps him but by mistake turns him into a Warg. Roag does some terrible things to all of them but they escape and Shade takes Runa to his sex cave. I’ve got to jump around a little so I don’t give a lot more of the story away, Shade can be mated but because of a curse put on him over eighty years ago he can not fall in love without loosing everything. Runa admits she is still in love with him and he is starting to fall in love with her but can not admit it to himself or to her, Roag jumps back into the picture and kidnaps Shade, Runa, Eidolon and Wraith but others come to save the day. You have to read the book if you want to know if Runa and Shade are each others HEA, you might be surprised. Now the whole time that Shade and Runa’s story was going on, Kynan and Gem (Tayla’s sister) were wanting and trying to hook up- he is still so hurt and hung up on what his dead wife did to him he can’t see what is right in front of his face. She has been in love with him for years, Wraith talks to him to try to show him the right thing to do but Ky only has room for sex in his life not love- Puuuleez dude!! He is so jealous of every other man around her it’s kinda funny. So Ky asked Wraith to drink from him and the first time goes ok, Wraith takes blood from his wrist but the second time he went straight for the throat and it was just too funny to me- I think it was one of the best scenes and lines from the book and I quote…”I’ll bet he doesn’t volunteer to do that again” Shade muttered
My Rating: 4.5 Stars

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  1. MMm Shade means Spankings Hard And Deep Eater.... a girl can dream