Thursday, April 22, 2010

Larissa Ione- Ecstasy Unveiled (book 4)

Ok are you ready because I am seriously about to gush about this book- LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT. I have to say this is by far one of my favorite series ever and that is saying a lot because I really like a lot of series and authors. Lore is a Seminus Demon just like his brothers but he is half human, this is almost unheard with the Seminus demons because most human woman can not carry the demon child. So we met Lore in the previous book when he was hired as the assassin to kill his brothers but once he found out who they were he did not do it. Now he was hired again to kill Kynan but little does he know that Ky has a “guardian Angel” watching over him since he became immortal. Lore thought that he was in love with Gem who is married to Ky now so he thinks that if he gets rid of him he can then have her. Lore needs to do this kill to get his freedom from the Assassin Master that holds his contract. But the main reason he wants to do this kill is to save his twin sister- Yep I said it- Twin sister- now as rare as human & Seminus demons are a Female Sem has never been know to be. So after thirty years this will make his 100th mark and if completed Lore and his sister Sin, who is also an assassin will both be free. Sin is given her own target, a Were who happens to have the same guardian angel as Ky. This angel is Idess, she is an earthbound angel who hopes to one day earn her wings and go to heaven with her brother. Idess wears a tattoo like mark on her arm of her that she can feel her charge through- when Ky is in danger of Lore attacking him she flashes to them and fights Lore. Tayla shows up and shots her with a poisonous arrow, but not before Idess is able to knock Ky out. Lore picks her up and takes her to UGH where she is treated by the brothers. The brothers don’t know that she is not a fallen angel and treat her like the threat to Ky instead of the real threat who is Lore. Idess is mended and she leaves but she then kidnaps Lore to protect Ky. Now let’s understand how HOT and funny Lore is- I swear I was laughing out loud with this demon. He is a sex demon with NO game!! He can kill with one thought or one touch from his hand/arm so he wears long sleeves and a glove on that hand. Don’t get me wrong- the demon has sex but he usually doesn’t “finish” with them or he would kill them if he did. Idess is an angel that does not have sex anymore- but she did when she thought she was human though- lol. So she has him chained to her bed and he needs sex at least a few times a day- get the picture on where this is going??? He tries to seduce him into letting him go- lol. Well he does get free but ends up chaining her to the bed instead. This whole time the ghost at the UGH are acting out and doing bad things to medical equipment at the hospital but no one but Idess can see the ghosts. Idess sees a ghost that asks her for her help so she takes him outside the hospital- come to find out it is the other brother Roag that everyone thought was long gone & dead. He is working with someone to cause problems for the bothers. The demons partner turns out to be a fallen angel who is Idess brother who she thought was in heaven, he is out to get revenge on her for a wrong he thought she did towards him before he got his wings. The two bad brothers kidnap one of Shade’s triplets and blame Lore for it. Once Wraith and Ky find Lore and Idess to kill Lore they have figured out what is going on and who is behind it all. Rogue leads them to Shade’s cave home and there is a huge fight to get the triplet back alive. Idess traps Roag and takes him to her father who happens to be the Grim Reaper- Yep the Angel of Death himself. Idess is told by their father to let go of her guilt about her brother falling that he made his own choices. Idess and Lore get down to business again- I saw again because she had already slept with him knowing it would ruin her chances of becoming a real angel. They actually do the whole bonding sexual ritual and soon after her glyphs show up. After they had sex the first time she is called to Heaven thinking they were going to kill her but instead they do give her wings but she refuses them to be with Lore. Lore and Sin go back to their Master and he agrees to release only one of them and Sin agrees to stay on as an assassin since Lore now has Idess in his life. But Lore thinks that Idess left him to go to heaven to stay, she never explained that she thought she was going to die. Lore somehow gets back into the Master’s cave to help free Sin, Idess shows up and kills the Assassin Master and becomes the new Master- she doesn’t want it so she gives the ring to Sin. Idess is again bonded to Lore; the angels gave her immortality but only to be bonded with Lore. I tried really hard not to tell the whole story but I could not help it, I think this book is a tie with Wraith’s book for me- loved both of them!!!
My Rating: 4.5

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  1. Oh Oh Lore was a hottie.. the books seem to get better with each one... and since i loved all books that saying alot