Thursday, April 22, 2010

Larissa Ione- Passion Unleashed (book 3)

Wraith- that name alone should send chills plus tremors up and down your body and if it doesn’t then you need to read this book again. Wraith is the youngest of the three Sem demon brothers, the trouble maker and all around Bad Boy. So there are the two reasons he is my favorite- trouble maker and bad boy- ummm yeah plus his every move just screams- SEXY. He dyes his hair blonde and has piercing blue eyes that he was not born with; the yummy chocolate brown eyes were gouged out by vampires. Wraith is half Sem and half vampire, the only demon of those two breeds known to the Demon world. His demon father raped and impregnated his mother while she was being turned into a vampire and held her in a coma like state for nine months while she was pregnant with Wraith. Once he was born, his father took off leaving his mother to torture him for the next twenty years until he escaped. Her vampire clan tracked him down and tortured him for two days before his Brothers could save him. Wraith has been killing vampires ever since. He refuses to have sex with vampires or human females. He works with his brothers at UGH as an artifact hunter, E needs something, Wraith finds it- kinda like a Vampire/Demon Indiana Jones.
So, Roag hired two assassins to kill the brothers in the event that he dies, so one of them shoots Wraith with a poisonous dart and the only thing that can save him, that the Brothers can come up with, is a amulet and charm that is being worn by a human female, Serena. Serena is being guarded/taken care of by a high ranking Aegis member. She is like a female version of Wraith with her job; she is a treasure hunter also. The amulet that she wears is a small piece of Heaven that protects her from harm. Her charm is only active if she remains a virgin and she has to actually give her virginity to someone to pass the charm to them. Ok going quick now, Serena flies off to find a coin and tablet, Wraith pretends to be an ex-Aegis Guardian (Josh) to seduce her to get her charm, he is sick and dying slowly but they fall for each other, he discovers that along with the hospital being destroyed his brothers are dying too, he refuses to take Serena’s virginity, she gives it to him anyway, a big bad Fallen Angel takes her amulet, brothers and friends come to save Serena and to fight in the big war going down between humans and all demons, Ky does his part to help Wraith win (maybe), and many other surprises pop up in the book, I am NOT going to spill the beans and tell them all. Ky returns, he and Gem decide to date, they break up and might get a HEA (not telling again). The ending of this book had me in tears…..but good happy tears!!
My Rating: 5 Stars

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  1. got love demon thats half Vampire and whole lot of bad ass..