Monday, April 12, 2010

Larissa Ione- Pleasure Unbound (book 1)

Well this series was recommended to me and I trusted this woman’s judgment on books and let me tell you I was NOT disappointed with this book- Wowza what a great book. Ok to break it down a little, there are three demon brothers; Eidolon, Shade and Wraith, each are Seminus demons. Seminus demons are a breed of Incubus demons. All the Sems are born male, but each has a different demon breed for a Mother. Their mothers are usually a demon the Sem has shape shifted into to trick the female so they can impregnate them. Following me so far?? Eidolon is now the oldest brother because Roag the oldest was killed by The Aegis Guardians. The Aegis are a group of human demon hunters that think they are doing the world a favor by killing demons. Eidolon is a doctor at a hospital that he and his brother Shade founded, Underground General, which is where he first meets Tayla. Tayla is a hunter/slayer for The Aegis; she comes in wounded (UGH usually does not treat humans) after fighting a few demons in the sewer. Eidolon knows what Tayla is and she also knows he is a demon. Wraith the youngest brother has the ability to slip into the minds of humans so he slipped into Tayla’s (as a joke) to get her worked up about having sex with Eidolon. Being the Seminus demons the brothers are always having sex with females, Wraith is the only one that will not have sex with humans but Shade and Eidolon both do. When Sem demons turn 100 years old they go through The Change that turns them into extremely bad sex demons- LOL what they go through with The Change is they become fertile and want to impregnate any female around, they will actually shift into any demon they can just to get close to the female to have sex and the only thing that can stop this change is being mated. While treating Tayla, E discovers she is half demon but he also begins to fall in love with her. So much happens in this book but it is not so much that you get lost from following the other characters. I could write so much more about this story but this blog would be a full page long so I am just going to say- Read The BOOK- you will not be disappointed!!!
My Rating: 4.5 Stars


  1. You really have my interest. Sounds so good. I want to hear more!!! I wish I didn't have to work during the day so I would have the time to get started on this book right away. Yum yum!!

  2. Who wouldnt love the doctor demon that always takes care of everyone.. but forgets himself.. until a Strong woman comes in his life and takes care of him...