Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Silent Night - Sherrilynn Kenyon

The son of the Greek god Apollo, he leads his condemned race against the enemy that protects mankind. Tall, and strikingly handsome, Stryker's raven black hair frames swirling silver eyes. The one that murdered his sister, and the son of the goddess he follows cause an animosity of hatred, swell to his core. Unfolding the plot with his army of daimons, he seeks out the evil god War, held imprisoned among the far reaches of Hades. Blinded by revenge without mercy, the enraged battle Stryker unleashes twists repercussions of unbelievable heights. Gallu demons, demi gods, chthonians, the Malachia and Sephirii, along with the one woman that has held Stryker's heart for centuries interpose as the end draws near.
Zephyra, fell in love with the one man that broke her heart. Willing to die for her husband and fight for their love, Stryker turned his back and walked away. Alone for eleven thousand years, she found refuge in the temple of Artemis. Once a meek child, Zephyra has mastered fear and fights for every breathe she takes. Now distinguished as a violent and savage daimon, she carried hate for all except the daughter she raised. Never knowing the real truth as to why she was left alone, Zephyra harbors bitterness and pursuits a quest to see death in the eyes of her ex-husband. Yet as she stands near she hates, but can not deny, the emotions of affection and passion that stir as she raises her sword to Stryker's neck. Placing her hate behind, the battle of darkness and light rage on. The kidnapping of their daughter cause Stryker to kneel before his enemies and ask for an alliance to help bring her safely home. Together, for a moment in time, two sides become one to combat and defeat the powerful god of War and return the child Stryker never knew he had.

My rating - 4 Stars.

Sometimes I love the bad boys. I hope in the future to read a story about Urian (Stryker's son).

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