Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dark Side Of The Moon

Hiding between the pages of an off the wall newspaper, The Daily Inquisitor, Susan Michaels is discouraged with the avenue her life has procured. Grasping at hope to substantiate she is the worthy reporter from her past she pursues a lead that she prays might potentially pan out at a local animal shelter. A little while later she leaves with more than she ever thought possible, a strong tip to a story that alters her life forever, and a stray cat, that makes her sneeze and have watery eyes. Being allergic is the least of her obstacles, as this little fur ball soon mutates into human form, and sucks her into a paranormal nightmare, running for their own survival and the future of humans souls.
Ravyn Kontis, known to his kind as a Pardalia Dark-Hunter, carries a grievous burden from his past. The murdered memory of love ones before his eyes, dishearten, and cause suffering, torment, and mistrust. A large price to pay for a moment of believing in the love felt in the heart. Never again the novice, romance and happiness are now forbidden. Ravyn only serves the dark side as a hunter of Daimons, and a protector of humans.
Uncovering the facts, it is a race with the Daimons to find the knowledge needed before they execute their ruling plan. A puzzle of events now forge together Susan and Ravyn to work, live, and rely on the strengths they give one another. With this giving, the walls begin to crumble, and they both gain more than they imagined possible, a love so strong, even the Fates say it is to be so.

Rating : 3 Stars

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