Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Devil May Cry

Born a Sumerian god of the moon and fertility, Sin became maliciously stripped of his title and the daughter he desperately loved. All consumed with the treacherous act of betrayal by Artimas, he plots to regain the powers she drained from him in the past. Filled with venomous abomination Sin snares his enemy only to find that the truth is, she isn't Artimas, but a female that resembles her with marked clarity. Flipping events catch Sin at the mercy of this attractive woman that soon comes to understand and help in the fight against the gallu demons created by his pantheon. Time grows short as the lock weakens that will allow the Gallu to lead the way for the released Dimme to enter the human realm and destroy mankind. Condemned, abandoned, and inconsolable, Sin trusts few while keeping all others at the sharp tip of his extended dagger.
Only a handful carry the wisdom of who and what her origin is. Beautiful, ferocious, passionate, yet fiery, Katra understands the many worlds that exist beyond the human eye. A handmaiden of Artimas, then a servant of Apollymi, Katra harbors a enduring affection regarding the goddess known as, The Destroyer. Strong powers held within, she shrouds countless secrets in her compassionate heart. Learning that enemies aren't always gorged with corruption and evil, Katra conveys completely of herself to fight and help the Sumerian male. Along the way she comes to grasp missing knowledge, not only for the father she never had in her life, but for the former god that has crept into her very soul. Giving Sin the key to evoke permanent death, she entrusts that he will understand he now also holds the key to her heart that loves him, with pure honestly and without reservation.

My Rating - 4 Stars

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