Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dream Hunter

On her father's deathbed she made a promise as she listened to his final breathe. Tears falling, torn with hatred and love, she makes a commitment to continue on, and verify proof to the world, there is an Atlantis. Now Dr. Megeara "Geary" Kafieri stands in Greece grasping the next steps to fill the quest. The answers, so near, yet so far, like her dreams, full of everything she desires but somehow knows it could never be reality.
Emotionless as they race through humans dreams, the Dream-Hunters drift in and out of humans as they rest in a state of unconsciousness. Content with what the Gods have decreed, Aril exists in his realm until by chance he slipped into Geary's sleeping hallucination. Drawn to the sensation of her feelings, Arik makes a deal with Hades to spend two weeks with this fascinating human female in exchange for her soul before he slips back into his dream god form.
The passion of tenderness, and love are more than his being could ever imagine. As time rushes to the end he knows what he must do. Never did Arik expect for his heart to understand the intensity of the depth an affection could touch him. With no alternatives Arik now knows the pain of his selfishness and sacrifices everything for the woman that touched his existence with the true meaning of life.

My rating - 2 Stars

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