Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Unleash The Night

Marguerite D' Aubert Goudeau attends law school at Tulane University. The daughter of a prominent Senator, she feels her whole life is a round peg shoved into a square socialite hole. Her father constraints her to conform to his rich, demanding life style, while her Cajun ancestors call her soul. In remembrance for a lost friend, Marguerite accompanies her study group to Sanctuary, for a toast to honor Nick Gautier. Unexpected unnerved feelings rush her as she scans the bar, instincts knowing she is being watched. Afraid, yet drawn to the erotic turquoise eyes that are veiled by long shoulder brushed hair.
With one piercing gaze his life twists its magical fate. Sheltered within the walls of a haven for all that are not human in a human world, Wren lives at arms length from everything and everyone. A Katagarian Were-Hunter, Wren Tigarian carries the burden of being a forbidden half white tiger and half snow leopard orphan shape-shifter. A loner,... trust, love, or kindness has never adorned his life, until Maggie. She alone holds the key to taming the deadly predator that harbors Wren's surviving essence. Two hearts, without a chance, love, cherish, and cling to one another against all odds. Prepared to find the truth of the past for a truth to their future, Maggie finds more than she ever thought possible. A magnificent man, fierce, yet tender, with a love that leaves her breathless and wanting more.

My rating : 5 Stars

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  1. Just call me Maggie because that is who I would want to be- damn I adore Wren, he is def. in my top 5 of all the DH characters. So loving, so gentle but damn tough when he needs to be and will do anything to protect his mate- Love Him!! I think I have to reread this story!!