Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon-Upon the Midnight Clear

Money and fame were given to him as a career. Always loving and giving to a fault his feelings shut down the day betrayal and lies from everyone he cared for was thrown in his face. Now consumed with anger, pain, and hatred, Aidan O'Conner lives in solitude among the mountains of Tennessee. Shutting out all of mankind, bitterness eats away what is left of his living soul. His brother Donnie, blinded beyond insanity by jealousy, is willing to do anything to see Aidan dead. Awakening the Olympian god of pain, Donnie strikes a deal with the god Dolor, to bring an end to his famous brother's life.
Leta, a goddess of the Dream-Hunter world is awakened with this knowledge and knows of the evil Dolor seeks. With little time she vows to stop his quest and enters the human realm to protect a man that doesn't want it. Not wanting her near, Leta finds the only way to help Aidan is to tell him the truth which sounds like a fairytale. With the enemy closing in Aidan must make a decision. To turn away from this woman that wishes to give everything, even her life to save him, or break down the walls of protection he has built around his heart and do what he swore he would never do again,

My Rating- 1 Star

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