Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Angel (anthology)

Anthology- Heart of Darkness- The Darkest Angel
A Shorty-But I loved it, in this book you meet Bianka, one of the twin harpy sisters of Gwen. Until Gwen was born these sisters had been alive for thousands of years, it was weird for them for their 27 y/o little sister to find her consort and them never to even get close to finding theirs. So when Bianka is kidnapped during a free fall contest to see which sister would have the least amount of bones broken, she is shocked to find her kidnapper faster than her, something a harpy didn't know existed. Lysander one of the Elite seven angels, he learned that Bianka was his temptation he didn't have many options to but to save himself, he could kill her or try to change her into good instead of evil. So he took her to heaven to his cloud palace with plans to change her, Bianka couldn't escape so she decide to try others ways to get him to release her. Like having Lysander and Paris oil wrestle in loin cloths, with was a pretty cool idea. They decided they couldn't be together so he let her go, only to follow her around still trying to teach her to be GOOD. When he couldn't control his need for her, they give into each other giving her his virginity she then felt the change in him and wanted to accept him for what he was even if her family makes fun of her for choosing an angel as a consort. At this time Gwen and Sabin’s wedding planning is going on so she asked him if he wanted to be her date, at the same time another angel was at Lysander door asking to enter when he wouldn't allow him in Bianka figured he was embarrassed of her and wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Will they overcome their difference?
Written by Shadow and her Rating is: 4.5 Stars

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  1. oh oh lysander is HOT... and bianka is str8 kick ass.. i loved this story