Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Kiss

Book 2- The Darkest Kiss
Lucien is the leader of the Lords of the Underworld and the Keeper of Death, his demon pulls him to take souls to the gates of heaven or hell. A man who has a scarred face and prays daily that it will never heal so women would never approach him romantically because of his past and all of his pain from when he fell in love soon after getting control of his demon. Lucien's soon to be wife fell ill and he refused to take her soul to the gates of heaven and because of this she suffered more then anyone could imagine. Only finally taking her after she begged and begged. The Greek Gods have been overtaken by the Titans and the new King of the Gods, Cronus is unlike the Greek Gods, he has chosen to control the lives of the Lords, by testing them and demanding that one of them, Aeron, kill four innocent woman or he will go mad with blood lust. Anya, minor goddess of anarchy is the only Greek god/ goddess that can escape any prison, thanks to her father who before giving her the key and his memories as the Gate Keeper of Hell. Anya, out of boredom or loneliness sought out the Lords to learn about them. She was able to help release Maddox, Reyes and Lucien from their daily curse of killing Maddox, from that point on she was intrigued by Lucien and would watch him while she was invisible and though he wasn't aware. When she was ready to let Lucien know her attractions for him, he didn't believe her and neither did the other Lords due to his monster type scarring on his face. At this point Cronus demands that Lucien kills Anya, Lucien must figure out how to save her and to keep her forever.
Written by Shadow and her Rating is 5- Stars

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  1. Anya is bad ass and i loved her.. Lucian needed a strong woman to help him get over his issues.. and anya blow is issues to hell