Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Night

Book 1- The Darkest Night
Maddox the Keeper of the demon Violence, his is the first story of the cursed Lords of the Underworld, Maddox was one of the men from the army for the gods, theses men created for that job, born as men who have no parents or family, they only have each other. After the demons escaped from Hell, they were all caught and put it a box made from the bones of the Goddess of Oppression. The box was then given to Pandora for safe keeping (Pandora's Box), the army for the Gods were mad and jealous that they were not chosen to protect the box instead of Pandora, a woman. They decide to show the Gods they were wrong to choose Pandora over them and so they made a plan to open the box and then catch the demons, again to prove Pandora wasn't the person for the job. Once the box was open all Hell broke loose, the box disappeared and sadly Pandora was killed. As punishment the gods joined the men from the army to each demon-Death, Disease, Wrath and so on. They became the new host to hold the demons making the men now immortal. The demons can live without them, but the men can not live without the demons. Maddox was doubled cursed, he would die by being stabbed 6 times in the stomach every night at 12am by the hand of the Reyes, keeper of pain and taken to Hell by Lucien, the keeper of death. Ashlyn is a human who was unknowingly working with the Hunters, they are humans who believe all the evil in the world is due to the Lords of the Underworld. Ashlyn learns of the so called "Angles" that live in Budapest and goes in search of them to help her quiet the nonstop conversations that she hears in her head, the past and present conversations are from people who were at the same locations she's at, at that moment. Maddox has little control over his demon and Ashlyn has little control over her gift but together they bring each other peace.
Written by Shadow and her Rating is: 4- Stars

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  1. Maddox is one of the biggest and baddest Lords,, I loved the way he was brought down by Ashlyn Simply Because she calmed him at first meeting.. * My Maddox*