Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Passion

Book 5- The Darkest Passion
Aeron, Keeper of Wrath, once crazed with bloodlust because he wouldn't kill the four innocent woman that Cronus wanted him too. He was always putting everyone else's needs and wants before his own, he never thought he ever needed anyone to take care of him. After weeks of knowing someone was watching him, he cursed them to leave him and Legion (his demon) alone, the invisible watcher only becomes more determined to know everything about him. Olivia, who is the being watching him loves being a Joy giver angel, she gets to whisper joyful words to people in need until her mentor Lysander decides she needs to become a warrior angel and since she has already been watching Aeron they make him her first target. But instead of striking the death blow she watches him and sometimes tries to touch him. He gives her a quick “No touching” rule and tells her to leave them alone. Knowing she will never be able to kill him she chooses to Fall even knowing that another angel will take her place as executioner of him. For her even a little time in Aeron’s arms is better than a lifetime of wishing. When she falls she ends up in hell where the demons attack her, they start with ripping off her wings, and then they start to touch her in places only a lover should. With new found strength to save herself from being raped or worse she fights to get free and digs her way out of hell and runs straight to Aeron. Legion, Aeron’s demon, has loved Aeron from first sight of him chained in a cave near hell so she binds herself to him so she can leave hell with him. Aeron loves Legion like the child he knows he wants but would never have, but she loves him like a woman loves a man not as a father figure. Once Olivia comes into Aeron’s life he learns that Legion loves him in a different way than he loves her. Legion is a small bald horned scaly demon and runs to hell after attacking Olivia and trying to kill her, Aeron saves Olivia which angers Legion so she makes a deal with Lucifer to be more beautiful than Olivia, with big boobs of course, so she could win Aeron from her. Little does Olivia know Aeron doesn't feel worthy of the sacrifice she made for him and wants her to go back to being an angel where she would be safe from his violent life. Of course we all know you can’t make a deal with the devil and win, if Legion can not get Aeron to have sex with her in a allotted time Lucifer will be able to posses her body and do whatever he pleases with it, like kill the Lords. Will Aeron give up everything for Olivia? Will he turn her away? Will he again put everyone else ahead of himself and have sex with Legion to save his friends?
Written by Shadow and her Rating is: 4- Stars

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  1. I liked this book.. my one little feeling was hurting for Baden tho.. even tho he had a brave face you could tell he wanted to go so badly, I can see Galen wanting legion for more then killing her also