Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Pleasure

Book 3- The Darkest Pleasure
Reyes the Keeper of Pain, his demon demands that he hurts himself constantly. After thousands of years of being the one every night to stab Maddox in the stomach 6 times until he died, has weighed heavily on him. After being released from being Maddox’s murderer every night, Reyes’ demon seems to want more pain to compensate for the pain he lost, until he sees Danika one of the four woman that was to die at Aeron, Keeper of Wrath, hands. Aeron did not want to kill the innocent women and asked to be locked away. Danika didn't want to have feelings for Reyes because she felt he was one of the men that kidnapped her and her family. When she and  her family were released they were told to run and hide because the Lords knew Reyes wanted to keep Danika safe. She was never safe since the Hunters came hunting for her and they kidnapped her in hopes to make her bait, they allowed her to be saved so she can win the trust of the Lords. Reyes needs to feel pain to have pleasure and doesn't feel that Danika can handle that so he hides the fact that he cuts himself, Cronus has been summoned by Paris, the Keeper of Promiscuity, in hopes of getting something he really wants for his self or for the betterment of the Lords, he has a hard choice to make. Will there be pleasure without pain? Danika thinks she’s up the challenge.
Written by Shadow and her Rating is: 4- Stars

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  1. I really did like Reyes.. and i feel so bad for Paris.. i feel they will make him suffer for a long time.. Danika is a fighter.. just the type of woman Reyes needed