Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Prison (ebook)

ebook- The Darkest Prison
Nike, the Greek Goddess of strength fell in love with Atlas the Titan God of strength thousands of years ago. Nike was a guard in the prison, Atlas wanted out so he seduced Nike and she was just about to release him when she learned that Atlas had been seducing other women in the prison in hopes of being released,. Once she learned this she branded her name on Atlas’ chest as a reminder of what he had done to her. The Titian's have over thrown the Greeks and now they are in prison, Atlas is now the guard and he has wanted revenge on Nike every time he looks at his chest and sees her name. He then has her removed from her cell and held down so he can tattoo His name to her back. But for some reason it doesn't make him feel better, it only makes him feel like she is his now and he wants her. Even though he slept with other women to be free all those years ago it was Nike he pretended the other women were. Nike never really got over Atlas and no other man ever compared. After realizing he loved her he released her knowing he would pay with his own life, Cronus began his punishment of Atlas by cutting Nike's name from his chest. Will Nike leave Atlas to suffer alone?
Written by Shadow and her Rating is: 3 Stars

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  1. I'm still waiting for them to find the lords.. or out their names on the list for Torin to find them? oh and i thought it was so cold that Cronus had sienna do the cutting