Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Whisper

Book 4- The Darkest Whisper
Sabin is the Keeper of Doubt, he is the other half of the Lords that decided to keep fighting after Baden, Keeper of Distrust, was killed and his demon was released to the world. The Lords were two different groups for thousands of years but reunited as soon as they learned that there was more demons in Pandora’s box then there were men to house them. So the gods used other prisoners to house the extra demons and of course Cronus wants the Lords to find them for him, plus Galen, the Keeper of Hope, who was with the Lords from the beginning. He tricked them into believing that the Gods didn't trust them to guard the box and set up a plan with them to release the demons. Little did the other Lords know, Galen was playing both sides. He wanted all the power and glory for himself so he set the Lords up. The lords found out that Galen was pretending to an angel and had fooled the Hunters into thinking he was God sent. Sabin has wanted Galen’s head from the beginning but he was in hiding. So as the Lords continued looking for the 4 artifacts, they find a breeding cave of Other worldly women, all had been raped and impregnated except for one, timid sweet Gwen the Harpy. Sabin was determent to make her a solider in his war, he trained her but then falls in love with her, something he vowed never to do again because his demon would put doubt in the minds of the women he was with and caused them to leave him or kill themselves, like Darla the wife of a Hunter. Gwen had many secrets but none bigger than the fact that Galen is her father, she hadn't known he was a demon and was raised to believe she wasn't good enough to be a real harpy because her father was an “angel”. In Sabin’s life war was always first until he fell in love with Gwen and wanted her safe and out of the war. There was no stopping Gwen, she wanted revenge for the 12 months the Hunters had taken from her when they kidnapped her, hoping the could impregnate her. But they feared her and never touched her. Gwen has 3 powerful Harpy sisters that think they know what’s best for her and want to take her from Sabin. We also learn more about Gideon the Keeper of Lies, he is so funny, if he loves something he has to say he hates it or if he wants to kill someone, he must say he wants to Kiss them. Will Sabin be able to get over the fact that Gwen is the daughter of his most hated enemy and will Gwen be able to choose Sabin over the father she has dreamed about her whole life?
Written by Shadow and her Rating is: 4- Stars


  1. the Harpy adds alot of power to the lords.. i dont know why they dont use them more.. Sabin was a hard shell to crack.. but he soon crumbled

  2. Gwen def. comes into play more in the future books. She kicks serious ass