Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jeaniene Frost- Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Mencheres, a master Vampire, who is over 4000 yrs old and the Grandsire of Bones, who is married to Cat. Mencheres made the mistake of falling in love and marrying Patra, the wrong woman for him. She was evil even before she became his wife and when she left Mencheres to pursue her own goals to destroy Mencheres line he was forced into 900 year celibacy. If he slept with another woman while still married that person would be put to death. After helping Bones kill Patra many years later, Mencheres lost his power of Visions and seeing the future, Bones and Cat felt he had done them wrong by directing their lives with his visions even though he did it for their own good. Mencheres started to feel he wasn't needed anymore and since he had already passed some of his powers to Bones, his co ruler, and with his visions gone except for Darkness that seemed to be getting closer to him each time he tried to see in the future he figured he was soon to die. He thought the darkness was showing the Underworld he would be in when he died. So he was going to choose his own way of dying since it was going happen anyway. Hoping his death would help in ridding his line of a feud he’s had with his Uncle Radje who felt the powers was stolen from him by Mencheres thousands of years before. Mencheres Sire knew Radje couldn't handle the powers and gave them to Mencheres instead. Kira is a private detective in Chicago and while walking home from work late one night she hears moans coming from an empty warehouse. She goes to help the person in need while calling for help. She finds Mencheres being cut to pieces by ghouls, the ghouls turned on her and Mencheres is forced to save her. Knowing she is mortally wounded he gives her some of his blood to save her then he takes her home with him and tries to make her forget what she saw but is unable too. He thinks it is because he gave her his blood to heal her after the ghouls stabbed her. He then decides that after a few days his blood will clear from her system enough so he can try to use his vampire persuasion on her to make her forget everything that happened. So after a week he realizes that she’s immune to mind tricks of vampires. He decides to trust her after he takes her to the hospital to see her sick dying sister so he lets her go. He still watches her for days because he hasn't had feelings for anyone this strong ever and he does not realize that she has them just as bad for him. It doesn't dawn on Kira until she is already involved with Mencheres and the vampire world that he was letting the ghouls kill him. So many other things are going on in this book but the love story is there- he does things that he doesn’t want to do but he always makes the outcome work to his advantage. Can Kira’s love bring him back from the darkness? Rating 4.5


  1. just added a few comments it was already your writing that was good

  2. Mencheres and Kira are a great couple. I am glad he has found someone. It was so sad that he was ready to just give up.

  3. oh i agree.. and i'm so happy the didnt weaken him.. i liked he was so strong no one could stop him