Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethren- book 2

Caden is an ex-marine trying to ignore his MagicKind blood line, he chooses to live in the Humankind world until his older brother became gravely ill so he returns to the life he wanted to forget. Bram, the leader of The Doomsday Brethren and best friend to Caden’s brother Lucan sends Caden back to Humankind posing as a photographer for a Rag magazine. Sydney is the head writer and she has a story she can finally sink her teeth in to, tired of writing things without facts, she finds a scared woman who claims to be a witch and who was kidnapped leaving her true mate ill with mourning of her. But once the woman breaks from her mate, she knows she has lost someone but doesn't know who he is. Sydney prints the story which puts her in danger. On her birthday she is given a book in which she thinks it just a sexual fantasy book, Sydney had her eye on Caden since the first day he walked in, Caden has an instance need to taste her which means she must be his true mate. He burns for her, so after what happened to his brother there is no way he was going take a mate. Sydney decides to write in the book to get Caden in her bed, it works because of the book but Sydney doesn't know if Caden truly cares for her or it’s the magic of the book. Once Caden learns she has the book he tries to return it to the Doomsday Brethren, but the book can’t be taken from a woman using it freely given. Is Caden’s attraction only because of the wish written in the book? Will the Doomsday Brethren get the book back so that the evil wizard won’t destroy the world?  Rating: 4

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  1. wow i cant wait for more of this series.. Caden hot hot hot