Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Darkest Lie

Book 6-Gideon, Keeper of Lies and Scarlet, Keeper of Nightmares, by far was my favorite book out of the series. It has everything from love, pain, happiness, to whoring lol. Gideon’s demon Lies will weaken him with unbelievable pain if he ever speaks the truth, unlike other Lords his demon doesn't really talk to him, but he always sensed it. But it wasn't like another being inside him like the other Lords, so Gideon was the funniest Lord to try to understand, if he wanted to “Kill you” he had to say "I want to Kiss you". After Cronus gave the Lords a list of names of other Demon possessed Gods and Goddesses, they went in search for them. Scarlet didn't want to be involved and told the Lords so. The Lords felt she was too dangerous and feared she would be taken by the Hunters and used against them. So they had two options they put her in the dungeon in hopes they could convince her to join them or they would have to kill her. Scarlet being the Keeper of Nightmares reached out to a sleeping and injured Gideon and demanded he come see her. When he did he noticed that she had a tattoo of the words TO PART IS TO DIE just like his, so he wanted to know why they shared the same tattoo. Scarlet wasn't talking and she wanted to be alone after she was sure it was Gideon, she made a deal with him, she would tell him one thing about their relationship if he left her alone. Of course Gideon said NO DEAL.. which really meant DEAL! So she shocked him by saying they were married, Gideon couldn't remember her and they both believed that someone had screwed with his memories. They set out to find the truth, after getting close Scarlet finally showed Gideon all her memories through a dream, he learned that they had been married and had a son Steel, who was killed in front of Scarlet's eyes. Gideon felt her pain as if it was his own. After confronting her step-father Cronus he told her she never had a child and he would have known because the shared a jail cell the whole time they were imprisoned. So now that they learned it was Scarlet’s memories that were screwed with instead of Gideon’s. Will they be able to find the truth? Will Scarlet be able to get over all the pain she THOUGHT Gideon had caused her? Will Gideon learn the truth of their relationship and learn to love her anyways?.. Well I hope so..  Rating: 5


  1. Man ole man do I Gid.. he is my Top Lord..

  2. I enjoy the lords of underworld series. I like Aeron and Gid but I like Lysander too.

  3. I did love Lysander before aeron book