Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- Bloodfever

LOL, I am still a little confused on what Barron’s could possibly be- ok I admit it- I don’t have a clue yet. I like his character a lot, he’s very dry and his sense of humor though lacking sometimes is kinda funny. Mac is still in Ireland working with Barrons looking for the Sinsar Dubh and for the man that killed her sister. Mac is kidnapped by a vampire who she thought they had previously killed but since he was part human and part Fae all she did was kill the Fae part of him so he was doing nothing but rotting. V’lane showed up again and whisked Mac to Faery for what she thought was just an hour but it was for a month. Barrons was out of his mind crazy with worry while she was gone. The main police inspector that was investigating her sisters murder ended up murdered himself and now the new detective is following Mac wanted answers to what she knows about it. She and Barrons have a lust filled moment where I was hoping they would do something but of course they didn’t. Mac also learns that there are more Sidhe-seers out there and she meets a few. Whenever Mac is near the Sinsar Dubh she passes out because she is filled with good and the book is filled with and made from evil. Mac learns from another of her kind that she and her sister are adopted, she asked her father about it and he admits that it is true. When she doesn’t talk to him in a few days so he flies to Ireland to talk to her. She learns that with the adoption came a few rules and the main rule was that neither of the girls ever be allowed to step foot into Ireland. Mac learns a few more things that confuse her about Barrons and he refuses to answer her questions about what he truly is. At the end of the book I was still confused- lol.   Rating: 4

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  1. man ole man .. i think i may have to read just so i can confused