Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- Darkfever

Ok I really don't know where to begin with this book, I was not prepared for how this book is written. The main female character talks to the reader some and then tells a story also. MacKayla Lane is a young 22 year old human female from Georgia, when her older sister is murdered while in Ireland, Mac goes in search for answers and revenge. Her only clue to her sisters murder is a very cryptic message left on Mac's cell phone. Once in Ireland Mac talks to all of her sisters professors and friends but no one can give her the answers she needs, so she goes to the police for help. When they don't seem to want to help her she wonders around town and ends up in a book store. While leaving she asked the counter lady about a book her sister mentioned in the message. The mysterious owner of the bookstore comes out to answer a few of her questions. Ok to get more into the story- his name is Jericho Barrons and I can not figure out what the hell he is. He explains to Mac that she is a Sidhe-seer and she is a special human that can see the Fae for what they really are. There are two different kinds of Fae- the Seelie (good) and Unseelie (bad) and she can see both. She also has a special ability to "feel" certain Fae artifacts so Barrons keeps her around to help him locate items. He is also looking for the book that Mac is looking for, it is a special Dark Fae book written over a million years ago by the King of the Unseelie. Barrons and Mac learn that others are after the book also, one being  V'lane who is a Prince from the Seelie side. His look, touch and thoughts are enough to send a woman into intense sexual desires, Mac calls him the "death-by-sex-Fae" and he causes her troubles in public a few times by making her strip down naked. Barrons and Mac find one of the few weapons that can kill a Fae. I seriously don't know who was left with more questions in this book me or Mac- haha. Rating: 4


  1. sounds so interesting.. too bad it dont have enough of you know

  2. Love this series. So glad I started it