Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- Dreamfever

Again I just don't know where to start with this book- with each book I fell more in love with this series.  Ok, at the end of the last book Mac was attacked by three, possibly four Dark Princes, (I could explain what the difference between the three and possible fourth is but honestly it would be better if you just read it- lol) She becomes Pri-ya which is a human that is now completely addicted to sex- Fae sex, it is all they want, think about and can do. When she was attacked they sucked her dry of her memories, she knew what was happening to her and tried to stop it but the overwhelming desire to do nothing except have sex was all she could do. Ok let me jump back a little, the LM managed to get the walls down between our world and Faery so Dublin was taken over by the Unseelie, Mac was in hiding in a church on Halloween night, Barrons was off in Scotland trying to keep the walls from coming down and the other sidhe-seers were doing what they could to help protect mankind from the Dark Fae. So the LM and the Dark Princes find Mac, Dani rescues her from them but the Grand Mistress just locks away in the basement because seriously she is not in good shape- major sex on the brain problem. Barrons shows up at the abbey to take her back but he is not alone- he has eight men with him- eight men that are just like him and you know what they are??? No, Me Neither!!! And Damn it I am I NEED to know but I am NOT going searching for it and lalalalalala *plugs ears* don't tell me!! I Love Barrons- this book he was just so..... what is the word I am looking for... he was just everything, yes that works he was just "everything" I wanted him to be. He worked to get Mac back to where she needed to be and I actually liked his methods- haha. So the GM and Mac start to work together but only at the request of the other sidhe-seers, Mac knows she can not trust the old woman. The LM shows up and gives Mac three days to decide what side she is on so after that Barrons makes her stick to his side. LM kidnaps Mac's parents and she has to travel alone to help them, the LM does not want Barrons anywhere near them but something goes wrong and Mac is sent into another realm, she finds Christian who disappeared on Halloween night with Barrons during their ritual. They get separated again and she ends up alone but is saved by a huge beast that protects her until Barrons' "friend" Ryodan comes for her- there is fighting- someone dies, someone goes over a cliff and it ENDED- the damn book just ENDED. OMG I am not sure I can wait until Jan 2011 for the 5th and final book in this series. Jan is a long time for me to keep my ears plugged!!   My Rating: 4.5 to 5

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  1. I will so wait till jan to read them all.. so i dont have to