Saturday, July 24, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- To Tame a Highland Warrior (book 2)

He was born Gavreal McIllioch but gave everything up and became Grimm when he was almost 15 years old. His father was wounded during battle but before that Grimm caught his father kneeling over his mothers dead body. When Grimm ran away and hid in the highlands for a year he found a young girl playing and she took him home as her new toy. He trained and lived with her and her family. Jillian the young girl grew up and fell in love with Grimm but he was about 7 years older than her and he thought it was too much of an age difference for them to be together plus he was hiding a very big secret from her. Grimm is a Berserker, a man that turns into a Beast during battles or at the site of blood. Another clan called the McKane clan set out to kill all of the McIllioch clan and to destroy the Berserker blood line. The McKane clan attacked Jillian's home so to keep her safe Grimm left her and her family. For years he watched and protected her from a distance. He knew he loved her but thought that he was going mad like his father since he thought he called on the Berserker- he had no idea that he was born that way. When Jillian's parents left to go visit her brother he called Grimm and two other men to try to get them to court her. For years she had been turning down all men who came asking for her hand in marriage. She knew in her heart that there was only one man for her and when he showed up she was not happy to see him since she was still upset with him for leaving her years before. One of the other two men found out what Grimm was and made a deal with the McKane to kill him and Jillian. He tried three times to kill him so to protect Jillian he left again so she agreed to marry one of the other men. Grimm came after her and took her back to his family land only to find out that everything he believed for the last 15 years had been wrong. He reunited with his father and unknown uncle. The McKane attacked, there was a battle, there was a wedding and there was sex- to find out more... read the book, it was a good one and you get to find out what they really wear under their kilts. Rating: 4


  1. Sound like a good story.. but I get alittle tired of the. I must leave u to protect u

  2. I agree LT. But I hear they are hot.