Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kresley Cole- Dark Deeds at Nights Edge

After 300 years of bloodlust, Conrad is a fallen vampire that should be put to death at sight, but his 3 brothers felt they owed it to their brother to fight to bring him back from the bloodlust. So Conrad Wroth was captured by the men who had ruined his life. At the age of 13 and unknown to his family Conrad had became a member of the Kapsligas, a group of mortals and immortals whose sole purpose was to kill vampires. So once his newly turned older brothers made the decision to change him and his brother Sebastian, while they layed dying among their already dead sisters and father, into the one thing he hated and hunted. It drove him mad and into bloodlust. Tied to a bed in supernatural chains binding him, he was unable to trace or leave the yard surrounding the house. Then he begins to see a woman, with the bloodlust and drinking straight from the vein you take the memories and the powers of the being you drink to death so Conrad wasn't sure if he was really seeing a ghost or reliving someone else's memories.
Neomi Laress was a Ballerina in the year of 1927 she had made a nice life for herself and being an unmarried female, purchased a home on her own. After a year of not facing the truth Neomi broke up with her crazed fiancĂ© Louis, he wouldn't let her go so he stabbed her in the heart and the twisted it to cause her as much pain as possible, then turned the knife on himself slicing his throat. Neomi loved her home and held on to it with all her might even through death. Which bring us to present day, Neomi helps Conrad with his bloodlust and he soon realizes that she’s his Bride, but she’s unable to blood him because she’s not alive and they cannot touch. Neomi calls Mariketa, the witch who mated Bowen, to make her alive again. Mari wants to help her for a price but tells her she can only bring her back for a short time and she will die again and the day she tells anyone what happen will be the day she dies. Is Neomi really Conrad's bride? Can a vampire and a ghost make a life together? Wow it had to be hard being a Virgin for over 300 yrs.. No wonder he went mad.. Rating 4


  1. Blood red eyes became sexy in this book

  2. oh and 6 and half ft tall with fangs doesnt hurt

  3. The shower scene in this book was FANTASTIC!!