Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kresley Cole- Dark Desires After Dusk

Cadeon Woede, Kingmaker of the rage demons and younger brother of Rydstorm the fallen King, was summed to his watch over his brothers kingdom 900 years ago. At the age of seven Cade was moved from his family to be raised by farmers since he was the sole heir to the thrown and it was safer to keep them separated. When Cadeon refused to go the kingdom was seen as weak and was taken over by an evil sorcerer Mort, which also lead to Cade’s adopted family being killed. For 900 years Cade worked to get his brothers crown back, while working as a mercenary had given him a reputation of getting the hardest jobs done. Then he was hired to bring The Vessel to the evil sorcerer's brother in return he would get the sword that could kill the evil sorcerer who was also known as deathless because he couldn’t be killed by normal means. He jumped on the deal because he thought he would finally be able to return his brothers kingdom to him. The Vessel is a lore female that can get pregnant and depending on the father give birth to the Greatest being of Good or Evil.
A year before Cade stumbled onto his fated female only to learn she was human. Demons can’t mate with humans because they wont live through the claiming, so Cade would just watch her from afar until he learned that his job and his fated female were the same. She was half human and half Valkyrie but had no ideal until she was kidnapped and was about to be raped and impregnated with the evil demons seed. Her Valkyrie side was awaken and she killed them all. Cade raced to help her and freed her from Demons who sought to have her and the Vampires who wanted her dead. Only months before he had been told by Nucking Futs Nix the Soothsayer and seer of the Valkyrie that he would have to give up his fated female to save the crown. Cade already knew he couldn't have her so he agreed. Not knowing she was truly Immortal. Tricking her into believing the sorcerer could change her back to human she went with Cade. He knew all along he would have to give her up for the sword. Will Cade trade love for a sword? Will the kingdom ever be returned? Rating: 4

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