Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kresley Cole- Deep Kiss of Winter

Murdoch Wroth’s story runs along the same time as his brothers, but his bride was a secret. Daniela the Ice Maiden is half Valkyrie, also the rightful queen of the Icere.  After her mother was killed trying to reclaim her crown, Danii spent most of her life running and fearing death from the Icere people who wanted her dead and wanted to keep the evil king crown safe. Sadly for Danii she was unable to touch or be touched by anyone other than her Icere people, but since they wanted her dead she bound to be a touchless virgin forever. Murdoch was angry at all Valkyrie for what he thought Myst had done to his brother Nikolai, blooding him and leaving him in painful arousal for 5 yrs. Once he helped his brother find Myst he decided to catch one himself so he could find out information about the Lore. After stalking and saving Danii from an Icere attack he took her to his temp home to care for her where he quickly learned she had blooded him. Murdoch never wanted to be blooded, he was a man-whore in his human days and never saw himself with only one women even after 300 yrs without sex, he just didn't think he needed it. Until then his bride was untouchable, whenever someone touched Danii with their bare hand it would burn her skin and cause an unbearable pain. They tried to make it work but being unable to touch weighed down on their relationship. Then the evil king was killed and Danii was called to fill her rightful place as Queen and at the same time Murdoch was put in prison for hiding his fallen brother Conrad. Will Murdoch be able to will his Bride back? Is it better for Danii to finally be with the people who she can touch and be touched by?  Rating: 4

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  1. Out of all the relationships I felt the worse for these two.. not being able to touch and if they did it hurt like hell.. even for awhile his brother conrad couldn't touch his bride he wasn't blooded yet