Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kresley Cole- A Hunger Like No Other

Lachlain, King of the Lykae, was ambushed and locked in the catacombs for 150 years to forever burn over and over again in Hells fires. On the verge of insanity he finally frees himself by ripping his own leg off with new strength from feeling his Mate so near, this was all so new to him so he knows he must find out who she is.  Emmaline, the adopted daughter of Annika, who is the leader of the Valkyrie is the sworn enemy to Vampires and Lykae. But it just so happens that Emmaline is half Vampire and half Valkyrie she was always protected and sheltered but she wasn't a warrior like her Valkyrie Aunts. Deciding to search out information about her mother and father, Emmaline leaves the safety of her home for the first time in her life. Being only 70 years old she hasn't learned how to do tracing or other Vampire things, tracing will take her from one place another in a blink of the eye. She soon finds herself pinned to the ground by a very big, very handsome Lachlain. He is fresh from his 150 year prison confinement and unfamiliar with the modern day. After learning his mate is a Vampire he is torn between his hatred of vampires and his new feelings for Emmaline. Because he was locked away by vampires he thinks they are all evil. Should he take his pain out on her or love her for the mate she is, unable to decide he talks her into helping him get home, with plans to bed her either way. After finally accepting each other they both learn that Emmaline’s father is the King of the vampires that locked Lachlain away and killed his family. Emmaline decides that it’s up to her to bring her Father down. Can a Lykae and a halfling live together? Will his clan or her Coven allow it? Is their love strong enough to overcome the Pain they both feel? Rating: 4  


  1. I loved the way Lachlain speaks.. his accent is beyond sexy.. we need to take to Scotland

  2. Hm the questions at the end really had wondering, felt like i knew the characters even though I haven't read the book yet. Makes me want to go pick it up.

  3. I always find it interesting how the most odd couples end up falling in love.