Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kresley Cole- Kiss of a Demon King

Rydstrom, the fallen King of Rothkalina, has blamed his brother Cadeon for 900 years for the lost of his kingdom. After finding out his brother made a sacrifice he himself couldn't have made, he learned that no matter what happen he would have lost his kingdom and it wasn't his brothers fault. While racing to get to his brother he is run off the road by his fated female, who is also the half sister to the evil sorcerer that took his Kingdom. There's more to the kingdom then just a castle, the castle was built around the Wall Of Souls and the rage Demons were created to protect it. So for the past 900 years Rydstrom’s whole life was nothing but the pursuit of getting his crown back and freeing his people. Sabin, Queen of Illusions, was one that if she wanted you to see something you saw it as she wished it. After wrecking Rydstrom she took him back to his castle he lost and locked him in the dungeon, with plans to became pregnant with his first born. Years before she was told by a Soothsayer that she would be Rydstrom’s Queen and mother of his child, so the evil sorcerer tricked her into thinking she could have and raise this child to help her have power of the kingdom. But in truth the child was to be sacrificed to the Wall of Souls to unleash the power, because her brother wanted her for himself. Sabin knew the kingdom wouldn't claim her child as Rydstrom’s unless she had his vow of marriage and he refused to give it after he was sexual tormented by her. He then gave her a false vow and took her, a little too rough for her because she was virgin and the first time a rage demon takes his Fated female he turns totally Demon. He was also chained and unable to control himself so he took her hard. After accepting she was truly his Fated female he made a deal with a vampire to set him free and then he kidnapped Sabin, the vow he gave her instead of marriage was one of revenge and he planned to torment her for as many days as she did him. Cadeon came through and he got the one sword that can finally kill the evil sorcerer named Deathless. Will Rydstrom ever trust Sabin? Is there any good in Sabin? Will the kingdom ever be Rydstrom‘s to lead again? Rating: 4


  1. Loved this entire series- it has everything- vampires, ghost, demons and so much more plus those sexy weres- love, love, love Bowen

  2. me too.. i cant wait for aug for the new book