Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kresley Cole- No Rest for the Wicked

Kaderin the Coldhearted lost her emotions 1000 years ago after witnessing her blood sisters beheaded during war and then begged an unknown source to free her from the pain. Her life was nothing but killing Vampires and being left out of all of her Valkyrie sisters happy, sad and arousing moments. Preparing for her upcoming HIE and event that involves the lore, a competition to win prizes from a Goddess and be known as the best in the Lore World. On her way to her London flat away from her Valkyrie sisters in Val Hall she takes a quick job to kill a Vampire that the villagers have been afraid of for over 300 years. Sebastian has lived alone ever since his brother Nikolai Wroth turned him against his wishes. He wanted to die with the rest of his family that night but his two newly turned Vampire brothers tried to save their whole family instead. They were only able to save Sebastian and their other brother Conrad. Kaderin is all set to kill Sebastian but stopped, the only other time that Kaderin was not be able to swing the killing blow was when she felt compassion for another vampire and spared his life, he ended up being the one vampire that later killed her blood sisters. She couldn't understand why she could not kill Sebastian, he even asked her too, until he touched her and he felt his heart start to beat again knowing she was his bride. Kaderin herself starts to FEEL, which is impossible because she doesn't feel anything before him. Unable to understand this she runs from him and once a way from Sebastian she becomes cold again. After entering the HIE to win the prize of The Key to return to the past, her mind is set to save her sisters from their death.. Sebastian, who is a scholar, needs to find his bride, with no information about her he decides to do the impossible which is Trace to a person instead of a place he has been before, this is unheard of, no vampire can trace to a person, but Sebastian did. He also enters the HIE in hopes if he won the prize for her she would see him as a worthy mate and accept him even though he's a Vampire and she hates vampires. Who will win the HIE? Is love stronger than Hate? Will her cold heart melt for a Vampire?    Rating: 4

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