Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kresley Cole- Playing Easy to Get

A sexy shorty about: Nikolai Wroth, a human turned Vampire is a warrior and has been hoping and looking for his Bride for a very long time. He knows once he finds his Bride she will make him alive again (sort of), he will be Blooded. This rare breed of Vampires does not take blood from live flesh, thinking this will keep them from becoming Blood lusted. While fighting evil Vampires he spots a woman in a dungeon window and is unable to keep from searching her out. Once his army has won the castle he finds her in hopes she is his Bride. She is very different from other women he has known and he has never seen a creature like her. Myst is a Valkyrie and she isn't forth coming with answers. So Wroth is forced to leave her in the cell. He’s later told by his King that he needs to learn what she is so he called her up to his room, at first Myst is very flirtatious and isn't ashamed of her body even after being in a dirty cell for 4 days she offers to share a shower with Wroth. No matter how much he would like too, he refuses because he doesn't want her to see his flaccid penis, which hasn't been hard for 300 yrs. It didn't bother him before, but he was hoping Myst was his Bride and he would know instantly if she was because his heart would start to beat again, he would take a breath and he would need to claim her (sexually). A Human turned Vampire needs his Bride to become a Full vampire making him stronger and alive. After her stripping in front of him and grabbing his soft penis with no response he knows she’s not the one. Unsure of herself, Myst climbs in Wroth arms and falls asleep, when he wakes he knows it’s time for answers and even though they got close while holding each other through the night he still needs answers for his King. So if Myst isn't willing to tell him what she is then he will have no choice but to torture her. Once Myst is returned to the cell her feelings are hurt and she realizes that the man whose arms she slept in all night will torture her and her emotions escape her, her tears fall freely. Once seeing this Wroth starts to feel hard pounding taking a few minutes to realize it’s his heart and she is his Bride only after she showed her true self did his body respond to hers. With this knowledge it is very hard to control himself, but he still does, preparing her for his huge size, seconds after giving her orgasms from his fingers and his kisses. Her sisters, the Valkyrie, show up to save her and they are enemies to all Vampires. They plan to kill Wroth but Myst tells her sisters it would be worst to leave him in need for her instead of killing him. Five years have passed and Wroth has been aroused painfully the whole time looking for his Bride, the only person that can release the pressure of his need. Will He Find Myst? Will she help him?   4 rating

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  1. 5 yrs along time to have a hard on, she lucky he was still gentle when he did catch with her..lol