Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kresley Cole- Pleasures of a Dark Prince

Garreth, once known as the Dark Prince of the werewolf clan was forced into being the King he never thought he would have to be because his brother Lachlain was kidnapped and imprisoned for 150 years by vampires. Garreth never gave up hope his brother was still alive. Lucia the Huntress is a Valkyrie was simply known as the Archer. She learned at the age of 16 years old not to believe everything you see with your eyes alone. She wanted out of the *boring* Valhalla and would spend hours looking out the portal to the other realms. When one day Crom a beautiful man offered to marry her and take her away, her family forbid her to she him again but she didn't listen to them and married him anyway. When she went to touch her husband for the first time he wasn't real, she was then knocked out and taken to a mountain cavern where she meet her Real husband who was named the Bloody Broken One. He was much like the devil himself but he needed a pure wife to help him escape his hell in the caves. After he claimed her brutality she chose death over this life and threw herself over a cliff into the ocean where her sister Regin, the Radiant who was 12 years old at the time saved her but by doing so she also gave up her home in Valhalla. Regin took her to another Goddess and demanded that she be saved. The Goddess did save her but with conditions, she was to be her husband’s jailer, because every 500 years he would be able to escape and she had to stop him, plus she also had to be chaste and never to allow a man to touch her sexually. The Goddess then gave her the power of being the best archer in the world but the last condition was if she ever missed a target she would feel pain unlike any other. Once Garreth learned she was his Mate he did everything in his power to keep her safe but also everything in his power to claim her. So she ran from him for 1 year, Lucia knew if she ever gave into him she would lose her archer power and wouldn’t be able to save the world from her evil husband. But Garreth would never gave up the hunt until he found her. Now Lucia has to make the choice her archer abilities or her werewolf mate. Rating 4.5 


  1. I really like the teasers at the end of the book... that's why this book was 4.5 instead of 4

  2. I still love these sayings

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