Monday, July 12, 2010

Kresley Cole- Wicked Deeds on a Winters Night

 Bowen MacRieve suffered for 180 yrs after his mate was killed while running from him. He’s a proud Lykae; his clan couldn't understand why he kept living after her death. He spent the entire 180 years looking for a way to bring her back to him. After talking to Nix, the Valkyrie Seer, she told him to join the HIE, a competition between all the Lore’s. She told him if he went there he would find his mate. Mariketa was a witch that felt everyone in her life had throw her away and even though she was destined to be great she wanted to prove herself so she entered the HIE even though she was still mortal. She wore a red cape and a cloaking spell to keep her looks from being seen. She was told 4 years earlier that a warrior would claim her as his and not allow her to be the Queen of the witches, so she hid. Bowen was so determined to win The Key that could send someone back to the past so he could to save Mariah, his mate. He locked Mariketa in a cave where she was held by incubus, he had no idea she couldn’t get out and didn’t know she wasn’t alone in the cave. She told him she could open the wall to get out, then he was locked away for two weeks too but once he learned she was still locked in the cave he went to save her. Then he struck a deal with her because after 180 years she was the only female to make her feel again and he thought she had put a spell on him, so he wanted to enjoy the feeling of her as long as she had him under her spell but then he started to have real feelings that she was his mate. Only problem now is he hated witches and thought maybe she was Mariah reborn... Is she Mariah? Will he be able to accept her for who and what she is? My Rating: 4

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  1. I LOVE THE ACCENTS.. and i wanna go to scotland to hear it in real life... Bowen was very sexy and wild