Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shayla Black- Doomsday Brethen- Book 1

Marrok, is an immortal Knight, who made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong woman. He was all about his job protecting King Author so he didn't have time for love. Morganna, a woman who wanted more than a quickie, cursed Marrok to live forever. She was a spurned Witch that would torment him through the centuries, Marrok could have sex, but could never climax. He choose not to bother with sex and stayed alonefor hundreds of years. Protecting the one thing he thought would release him from his curse, he wanted death. Olivia moved to a new country in hopes of finding the father she never knew. She opens an art gallery and befriends Bram, who is a wizard. Olivia doesn't know Bram wants Morganna’s book, but wouldn't dare try to take it from 6'5, 240lb Marrok. Soon after moving Olivia starts to have erotic dreams of Marrok without ever meeting him. Bram decides to bring them together because he feels Olivia is a family member of Morganna and can release Marrok from the curse with the book. Marrok has hundreds of years of wood cravings and takes them to Olivia’s art gallery. He senses her as being Morganna and Olivia is stunned to see the man of her dreams. He then kidnaps her demanding she release him from the curse so he can die. The book also holds the power to destroy all Magic Kind. A ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil. Will Olivia release Marrok from the curse? Will Bram get the book so he can protect all Magic Kind? Is love stronger then magic?  Rating: 4.5

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  1. this is a great series that i fall onto.. and i love it, Marrok is huge and sexy.. and all warrior