Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Bad Moon Rising

Kattalakis is a name that turns heads among the secret realms. It is well known to the Were-Hunters as a part of the ruling council for all of the Katagari and Arcadian. The law enforcing Omegrion council maintains peace between the two bitter enemies to balance the laws of the universe and the powers of the gods. Living in the human world, yet concealing their true nature, many species blend with mankind to form an alliance of composed serenity. For centuries the rules have been clear. Stay with your own kind and species or endure the consequences.
A Katagari werewolf that can transform into a man, Fang Kattalakis carries a dark side of hate and powerful viciousness that is displayed with each step he takes. The only benign emotion he has ever exposed was for his brother and younger sister of his clan. Content to reek as a contaminated soul sated with malice, he has no mercy for any prey that crosses his path.
Aimee Peltier is the only daughter in the immense Peltier family of werebears. Devoted to her family, she assists with the family business but knows the span of time will come when she will be expected to contemplate her duty. As the last of her line, she must mate with a strong blood-lined Katagari werebear and take her rightful place upon the members of the Omegrion council. Yet with the ticking of time she fears the devastating secrets she keeps about her Arcadian soul will destroy her family forever. Being a beautiful woman that shape shifts into a bear is not acceptable in the rich blood-line that she supports.
A prohibited intimacy disentangles their hearts. Away from all eyes, no boundaries are formed as to how much the love flourishes between the heart of Fang and his forbidden Aimee. Denying destiny is a war that can not be won.... 
Denying the love of a lifetime is a war that neither want to fight. 

My Rating - 4 stars

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  1. I cant wait to see the bewolves cubs .. yea i'm trying to figure out what a half wolf half bear name would be