Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Amazons Curse (book 5)

Zane and Nola are a few of the ones from Atlantis that the Gods dropped onto the island in the last book, after both Zane and Nola were sent from the island they were punished in different ways. Zane was once a slave to the demon queen, he sold his body to her so she would free his would-be mate. That would-be mate grew to hate him because of the things he was forced (willingly) to do with the demon Queen. After Layel killed the queen, Zane and his would-be mate were freed. But instead of her going to him and being with him after all he sacrificed she ran off with another man. Zane soon learned he hated any one's touch.
Nola was amazon and her mother mated a man and raised her away from the tribe, they were penniless and sold Nola over and over again to any man that wanted to have sex with an amazon. Unable to take anymore Nola killed her parents and returned to the tribe.
The Gods knowing their pain punished them for not winning on the island and sent Zane to be a slave with the Amazons and made Nola soundless and invisible so no one was able to see nor hear her. For 4 months she was trapped in her amazon tribe watching them treat Zane horribly. Unable to help but finally realizing  that she loved him and had only told him she didn't want him because she was scared of her past. Mating season was in full effect and the Amazons had battled to bed Zane even though he had tried to escape many times hurting them, they saw him as a strong breeder for their offsprings. After Nola confessed her feelings she noticed that Zane's eyes were following her movements, realizing he could see her she helped him escape. But was still unable to touch him her hand ghosted through him. As they were running for freedom they learned that she was still unable to leave, she hit a invisible wall. She begged him to go knowing they would punish him but he refused to leave her. She convinced him they couldn't hurt her because they couldn't touch her. He left with a heavy heart promising to return as soon as he was healed, he'd been without blood for so long and had broken bones during his escape. She watched him leave only to be grabbed from behind by her amazon sisters, realizing she can now be touched and would be punished. Will Zane heal in time to save her? And will she ever be able to leave the camp?
My Rating: 4  


  1. it was quick but good story you learn alittle more about then in the book before..

  2. This sounds interesting I need to get to this series LOL.