Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gena Showalter- Heart of The Dragon (book 1)

Darius was a dragon who lost his family at a very early age, due to travelers entering the mist that wasn't guarded. After their deaths Darius took the job as the Guardian of the Mist. His pain was too great to handle so he was taught by his tutor Javar to bury the pain deep inside, after 300 yrs of killing anyone who entered the cave that lead from the mist, he hadn't just buried his pain but also his emotions along with his sight for colors and the taste of food. He felt nothing but calm indifference that is until Grace stumbled into the cave after days of being lost in the Amazon looking for her missing brother, who had been searching for the portal to the lost city of Atlantis where all the mystical creatures lived banished by the gods. Grace's brother had sent her a necklace and a journal of what he found so when she was unable to contact him, she came looking for her brother but instead of finding her brother she found a huge emotionless man wielding a sword in preparations of taking her head as she exited the mist. Grace sees this and pulls her gun to protect herself but it is out of bullets so she closes her eyes as she prepares to die. But as Darius is swinging the sword he pulls it back slightly and only the wind from the swing is felt by Grace's neck. Darius has no idea why he can't kill her like his oath says he should but he takes her to his palace to question her and also notices that she wears a dragon necklace. Even thought there's a strong bond to Darius she still escapes and as she runs and dives back through the mist she hears Darius yell that he will come after her.  She is then found by her brother employers and they help her out of the amazon, even though they are helping her Grace feels that they are not being honest with her about the whereabouts of her brother. Back in Atlantis Darius learns that Javar's palace has been taken by humans with weapons he has never seen. His first thought is to find Grace and get those answers from her about why her brother had a dragon necklace and if he's the human that has come to Atlantis. Now that Darius is standing at the foot of the bed of a sleeping Grace in her apartment he knows he wants her for more then just answers. Will Darius be able to save the other dragon palace? Is Grace brother involved? Can Grace and Darius see past their differences and work together? RATING 4

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  1. again i love when the story lines are fresh.. and i havent read anything like this one yet.. very good