Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gena Showalter- Jewel of Atlantis (book 2)

Gray James was sent to Atlantis by his job, OBI, which is similar to the men in black, they take care of all the weird things normal humans didn't know existed (aliens monsters and so on). His goal was to find the jewel of Dunamis. It was said this jewel had powers unlike any other and could tell the owner what all their enemies were planning against them and could tell if someone lied or spoke the truth. So every creature wanted to own Dunamis and quite a few did over time. After somehow escaping being beheaded while sneaking through the portal, Gray spent 3 days fighting for his life because anything that came across him saw him as a meal and tried to take a bite out of him. On the 3rd day, Gray had thought he had totally lost his mind when he heard a sexy sensual female voice in his head telling him she knew a way to safety. But Gray was too manly and to stubborn to listen to her at first. After her telling him she could lead him to safety and to the Dunamis all he had to do was save her then he started to believe the voice in his head was true.  Jewel has had visions of Gray's whole life, she has seen his future and knew he would be coming to Atlantis. She had fallen in love with him by watching his life through her visions and she wanted to be with him but was being held and used by demons. She knew the only way to be free was if she could get Gray to save her. Once she convinced him to save her, she changed her mind realizing he would be in danger but it was too late. Gray burst into the demons palace guns and grenades blasting, he saved her and once he had her in his arms he knew he had been dreaming of her life also. He also knew they could never be together, they were from two different worlds and he had a job to do. If he didn't get it done OBI would send in more men that could possibly be killed and he wanted to protect Jewel so that meant leaving her. So they set off to find the Dunamis and her long lost father in hopes he could keep her safe. Is love stronger than two people being worlds apart?  Will Gray ever find the Dunamis or Jewel her father?  My Rating: 4


  1. this was a interesting book.. it wrapped up kinda quick after dragging out alittle.. but i still liked it

  2. As much as I liked this series this was my least favorite book in the series- I can't really explain why I didn't like this book as much as the others might have something to do with the female character

  3. well i didnt Not like her.. she just wont a be stand lady in the series to