Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Nymph King (book 3)

Valerian, King of the Nymphs, has never had to work for sex or attention, being a Nymph all women are crazy with lust to be with him and he gives off a scent that you can't deny. That is until Shaye, a self proclaimed Heartless Bitch meets him.  She taught herself at a young age that if you had emotions you more likely to get hurt. She watched her parents do some horrible things in the name of love and she didn't want to be some weak female that got hurt over and over again, so she shut herself off.  Valerian was tired of roaming with his people so he decided to take the palace of the dead dragon Javor, Darius tutor. Darius couldn't watch both palaces and portals out of Atlantis which leads to the surface, so he sent some young hatchlings to take over until he could find another guardian. Valerian knew it would be dangerous so he left the female Nymphs in a safe place thinking he would send for them once he got settled more. Later when he did send for them they came up missing, Nymphs must have sex for strength and they will weaken fast. All females in the outer city knew they would go mad from lust if around a Nymph so they stayed hidden, with no other choices and his men soon to be too weak to defend the palace when Darius came to try to retake it he choose to use the portal to go to the surface to kidnap woman for his men. Valerian had promised not to take another human as his because he was the only one in the palace that was having sex, he had 3 females that had wondered through the portals days before. Once he and his men went to the portal and submerged in the ocean they walked to a beach where they found all the women they needed at Shaye's mothers sixth wedding. Valerian hasn't been looking for his mate but once he saw Shaye he knew she was the one for him and wanted no others. But he had also promised not to take a female while his men were suffering. Valerian was so use to women falling at his feet he was sure Shaye would do the same, so when he told her to "Come" she answered with an " Up Yours" and grabbed a knife. After taking the woman back to Atlantis he told Shaye how to make sure none of his men would choose her, she kicked , she cursed , she ignored them and all men had choose other more willing woman that begged to be touched by any of them, Valerian's plan had almost worked until his jealous cousin saw how much Valerian wanted Shaye. So when it was his turn to pick the woman he really wanted was pick by another, he pick Shaye just to use her as a power play against his cousin. Will Valerian get Shaye back from his cousin?  And if he does will he be able to seduce her when he never had to seduce a woman before? My Rating: 4

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