Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gena Showalter- The Vampire's Bride (book 4)

Layel, the Vampire King, who lost his love and mate 200 years ago to rouge Dragons, they raped and burned her alive in front of his eyes, killing her and their unborn child. Revenge is all he ever wanted, killing all the rouge dragons that very night it wasn't enough for him. So he wanted to kill the whole race and had been doing just that for the last 200 years. On rare occasions he didn't, the only time was when he saw one of the dragons fighting for their own mate. He always walked away from the battle so someone else's love had a chance unlike him and Susan. Delilah, an amazon woman wasn't like any other amazon she had desires to have a longterm mate instead of the twice a year when men were allowed in the tribe as slaves and only for mating. Waiting to ambush the dragons who had their Princess in a cage, they did not care why she was in a cage, just that she was. Unknowing to them the dragons were bringing her back after Princess Lily had wondered to their palace in hopes to prove she was a warrior. As they attacked the dragons Layel and his army joined the fight always ready to kill dragons when he could. He and Delilah faced off and he got the upper hand by dropping her, but to her that was sexiest thing he could have done. She wanted to be dominated or at least have a mate that could handle her. As the battle continued, out of nowhere they dropped into a black hole, they wake up on an island with two of each of the other races from Atlantis there with them. The Gods were bored and wanted to see which race was the strongest and deserved to live, so the pitted them against each other in two teams, on the losing team one of their members would die. With Delilah and Layel on different teams their attraction was seen as them being traders. So they tried to stay away from each other but she wanted him, little did she know he still felt like he was mated to his dead mate and in his mind had no room for a new love. He didn't think he deserved one since he was unable to save Susan and he hadn't finished off the whole race of dragons. Will they get off the island? Can Layel love another? How many licks does it take to get to the center of tootsie roll pop? The world may never know. My Rating: 4.5


  1. this was one my favs.. it answered alot of questions of other couples and some are still to come

  2. you just now realizing this ? lol