Monday, August 2, 2010

Karen Marie Moning- The Highlanders Touch (book 3)

Circenn is an immortal Scottish warrior who lives his life with nothing but strict rules and oaths. Many years ago he was chosen to guard over the Hallows of the Fae. He’s lived a long life and seen his entire family and friends die; he’s been married twice but never had any children. One day Fate played a trick on him, what he considered a very cruel trick, by dropping a woman into his life. Lisa is a very independent 21st century woman who worked two or more jobs at a time to support herself and her dying mother. One night while working her night job at a museum she touched a silver flask that Circenn had cast a spell on, the spell would return the flask and the person that was touching it back to him. What he didn’t know was that the spell would even bring someone back through time- 700 years through time. So Lisa just appeared in front of him one day. Circenn had made a promise to Adam, the dark fairy that he would kill whoever came back with the flask, but once he saw Lisa he knew he could not kill her. During this time Scotland was fighting a war with England and Circenn and the Knights Templar that he protected were needed for the war. Lisa wanted to go home but he did not know a way to send her home without calling on Adam, who would kill her on sight, so he kept her around but had to lie about who she was. King Robert agreed to say that she was his cousin but then surprised the two of them by announcing they were to be married. Circenn went off to war and left Lisa at his castle and while he was away she wished on this mound and the Fae Queen appeared to give her a wish, Lisa thinking that Circenn was better off without her wished to go home to the future. Circenn called Adam who hot damn big surprise turned out to be Circenn’s DAD helped him get to the future to be with Lisa and to change her whole future to keep the hurt in her life away. I thought this was a pretty good book so my Rating is: 4


  1. this series is sounding better and better to me

  2. I think it is getting better with each book

  3. I have this series. I need to read them. They do sound very interesting.