Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lora Leigh- Elizabeth's Wolf

This is the story of Dash and Elizabeth. It starts out with Dash in a hospital over in the Middle East, when the helicopter he was on got blown up. He is ready to give up until he receives a letter from a little girl, the letters he received gave him the reason to keep going. He realizes that the little girl and her mother need help financial and mentally. He sends a bicycle and toys to the little girl for Christmas, then the letters just stop and he has to know what happened to them.  He learns that their apartment was burned down and they are dead. So Dash decides to get revenge on who killed them, but he receives another letter from the girl asking him to help her and her mother. Dash has been getting close to them for 6 months when he finally catches up with them and tells Elizabeth that he is there to protect them. He helps Elizabeth and Cassie to get away from the bad guys that try to kidnap them. Dash has a feeling that there is something else about Cassie besides seeing her Dad get killed by Grange, an evil Council member. Elizabeth sees the mark on Dash's shoulder and she says Cassie has the same mark so he knows that Cassie is a breed. Dash calls Kane who is he old military buddy and asks if the breeds about protecting Cassie, she goes with them reluctantly. Dash trains Elizabeth so they can get the information about Cassie from Grange. His other friends from the army and the breeds come to help him. Dash doesn't want it because he doesn't want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt. They are at Grange's house, he gives them some papers and the papers say that Cassie will be a killer since she is a mix between a wolf and a coyote. They know they have to destroy the papers to protect Cassie. Grange pulls a gun but Elizabeth sees him and shoots him but his gun still goes off and the bullet hits Elizabeth. Dash tells her to hold on for him and the baby she carries. On the way to the hospital, she goes unconscious. A week later, Elizabeth is in the hospital but is recovering with both of them getting better and stronger. She gets to see Cassie and everything is okay. Cassie asks Dash if she can call him Daddy and he makes a promise that Cassie will not be a bad person when she gets older.  My Rating: 4 (special thanks to Sandy)

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  1. this is one of my top favorites in this series.. I love dash.. later in the series he gets a bit too Daddy like over protective but for good reason.. but in this book he was great