Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lora Leigh- Kiss of Heat

This is the story of Sherra and Kane. Sherra met Kane at the labs when she was being held by the Council. They used Kane to mate with her and when she thought he would help her and her pride mates escape but he left her. Many years later he showed back up in her life since he is Merinus' brother. Sherra and Kane loved each other but Dayan told Sherra that he left and wasn't coming back and Kane thought she was dead. Now they are both at the breed house in Virginia. Kane is cocky and he gets on everyones' nerves with the cat comments. Sherra and Kane are always fighting with each other because neither will admit that they still love the other. Sherra is in heat but she has dealt with the pain for 10 years and doesn't plan on doing anything about it now. Sherra is on patrol when she is told about a breech, she finds the guy and he has a missile launcher. She shoots him but he launches the missile, she tells everyone to evacuate. The missile didn't hit the house but some debris does. She is told to come back because Merinus is upset and she needs to help Doc, she knows Kane is the one hurt. She goes to help them and discovers the scars on Kane from where Dayan tried to kill him. The doc tells Sherra to make sure Kane gets rest but Sherra is still trying to avoid Kane and he is determined to have her. There is another breach and Sherra is to keep Cassie in the house, Cassie runs out and jumps into the limo. It is Roni's dad and brother. Kane is upset that Cassie did this and he gives her a spanking and he gets mad at Sherra for not containing her. But Cassie went out there to save Kane because he would be in the line of a bullet. The guy that launched the missile told the breed that he got to them through the caves,  Sherra, Jonas, and the other breeds check out the caves. Kane comes to them and is upset that they are in the caves, he feels that they are dangerous. Sherra tells Kane that an explosive will be going off and everyone runs out of the cave,  no one is seriously hurt. Kane is hurting in his man parts (lol) because Sherra won't make love to him. Sherra and Kane talk and they will work through all their problems/concerns together. Sherra moves into Kane's room while she is in her room packing Cassie comes in and says that she was alone and scared. Sherra realizes someone is in the house, she hides Cassie to keep her safe. The chauffeur from the limo has tried to kidnap Roni so Sherra shoots him. He wanted to get Roni, Merinus, and Cassie to take them to the Council. The breeds are now fighting back with any attacks to them now. Sherra finds out she is pregnant and she is surprised since she lost their first child ten years earlier in the labs. Ends with Tanner going after one of the senator's daughters. My Rating: 4 (special thanks to Sandy)

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  1. I was so happy when Sherra and Kane finally got back together... it was along time coming