Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lora Leigh- The Man Within

This is the story of Taber and Roni. Roni and Taber have known each other since she was eleven. The book starts out with Taber bailing Roni out of jail again. Things get hot and heavy between the two of them and he puts his mark on her neck while they are making out, then takes her back to garage and tells her to decide if she wants to go any further with him. Taber tells her that he will be back for her decision but later Roni receives a note that he doesn’t want anything to do with her and she hasn’t seen him for months. She sees on the news where Callan has come out about them and hears the story of how Merinus has breeded with Callan. Roni has that same mark on her neck but she knows Taber doesn’t want anything to do with her. Reginald, her father, comes back into her life, she knows that he is scheming, so she goes into town to get parts for her truck so she can leave town. While in town, the reporters find her and show her mark to the cameras. John O’Brien helps her escape to his house where Taber and Callan have seen the news about Roni,  so Taber takes a helicopter to pick her up. When he gets to the house where Roni is, Taber kisses her and when the breeds kiss, their tongue sends out a potent hormone into her body that builds up the mating frenzy. Roni is taken to their mansion in Virginia that the Genetics council once owned. Roni feels that Taber only wants her because of the mating frenzy, she feels that he will just let her go after. She is talking to Merinus when snipers have gotten by the mansion. Roni puts herself in front of Merinus to protect her and her baby but a bullet hits her in the shoulder. Taber and Callen are worried because their mates were hurt. Roni wants Taber to tell her about the barb but he doesn’t want to let her know because he is afraid what she might think about it, she also wants him to answer her questions but he doesn't so she throws a crystal bowl at him. Roni calls Taber a liar and he is tired of being accused of being a liar, they both discover that neither of them wrote the notes all those months before. Taber tells her that is was Dayan, she still wants to know about the barb that all the Breeds have that come out during mating sex, but the security alarms blare, it turns out to be Reginald. He states that he just wanted to see his daughter. Roni feels that he is up to something, she wants them to just put him out of the compound but they let him stay at the barracks with other breeds keeping an eye on him. There is a breech and Taber goes to help the other breeds while Dawn and Sherra stay with Roni and Merinus. Roni and Dawn are forced to leave the bedroom because of men out on the balcony. Taber, Callan, and the other breeds go to his bedroom since that is where the men are trying to get the women. They get to them but Kane wants the men alive to question about who sent them, then there is a bright red light but Taber used his other senses and kills the man because he had a gun and was just going to shoot. The mating frenzy has slowed down since Roni has conceived, while she is sitting in the living room Reginald broke into the house somehow. He tells her that if she leaves with him that he will tell her who her real father is, he tries to grab her she jumps over the couch to get away from him but he grabs her ankle and then punches her. Taber roars when he sees Reginald punch Roni, the two men are fighting all over the living room. Reginald tells him that the press will know if he kills him and Taber says he doesn’t care. Taber sees Reginald pull out a gun but when he moves out of the way another breed shoots him. Taber goes to Roni and makes sure she is okay. It ends with Aaron Lawrence seeing his daughter Roni on tv. He asks Seth to not tell Roni that he is her father.  Rating: 4.5 (special thanks to Sandy)

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  1. again with the i must leave you to protect you... But i still love the breeds