Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lora Leigh- Megan's Mark

This is the story of Braden and Megan. Megan works with her cousin Lance at the sheriff's office and when she is on patrol she notices a truck left out in the open in the canyons. She realizes that the two people inside the truck are dead but while she is looking around she notices there are two people waiting on her. She ducks for cover and she meets up with Braden who is a breed and they kill the two people after her. Braden is trying to figure out who is killing breeds because the two dead people in the truck are a breed couple. There is chemistry between Megan and Braden at the beginning, in order to protect Megan, Lance tells her that Braden will be staying with her. Megan is stubborn and she doesn't want him staying there so she storms out of office and goes home. While at home her dog hears something outside, Megan realizes that there are people in her house so she goes out the window to go around front to attack them. Megan takes out one and her dog takes the other one out. Braden, Lance, her father and grandfather all show up and are worried about her. So Braden ends up staying with her now. Braden knows Megan is an empath and he tells her that he can help her with the emotions/feelings to where she isn't weakened by it. They go back and search the caves to see if they can learn anything about the two breeds that were killed, she is upset that Braden was using her empath abilities but he does let his abilities help her to block her feelings. Jonas calls a meeting at the office with Lance because he says that someone is giving information to the people after Megan. He is accusing Lance but he is just testing him to make sure Lance wasn't the one which made Megan mad. Megan does not like him and knows he has some information on the breeds that died. He states that they were at another part of the desert in a cave for awhile. They go check it out and realized that there are people there to get them, they get to their vehicle and are chased by another vehicle and motorcycles that have missiles. They loose the vehicle but the motorcycles have shot a missile at them. Their vehicle gets wrecked and Braden kills the drivers of the motorcycles. He stalks to Megan and bites her because of the fear he had of her being hurt and marks her as his. She has a memory about the breed couple from the Academy and is trying to remember the other person involved, she remembers that it is Senator Cooley her dad's good friend. Braden and Megan plus the other breeds protecting her decide to go in town, they warn Sanctuary about the two men there from Senator Cooley that is giving him information. Braden and Megan are followed by Cooley and their men, they pull a gun on them but she keeps him talking to distract him. Cooley knows the breeds are moving in so he tells his man to kill Braden, she pulls out her gun and shoots the coyote but is slow shooting Cooley and he shoots her also. She is okay and has surgery then they agree to go to Sanctuary to let them run tests. It ends with Jonas having information about a female breed giving breeding information to the council. My Rating: 4 (special thanks to Sandy)

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  1. I like braden.. but dont remember him much unless i'm skimming his story