Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lora Leigh- Soul Deep

This is the story of Amanda and Kiowa. Book begins on Halloween with Amanda giving out candy to the kids. When she goes back in her house, she sees that there are four men there to kidnap her. Amanda is the president's daughter and they are tyring to get her to keep the president from signing a breed law that allows them as regular citizens. Kiowa has been put on security detail of Amanda by his friend Dash. Amanda tries to make a run out the front door and she screams but the men knock her out, he hears her scream and goes to save her. He takes care of the men and he takes her to his place. He calls Simon to come and take Amanda off his hands because he doesn't want this problem. Amanda wakes up and he tells her to be quiet so no one knows about them because they do not need anyone to come after them. She tells him yes and when he removes the gag she screams. Kiowa kisses her to silence her and realizes it was a mistake, now the mating cycle starts because they are mates. Dash tells them to get to the breed compound so they can be secure. While going to the breed compound they are attacked by helicopters. The other breeds are there to help out and Tanner comes flying his helicopter and takes care of the other men. Kiowa wants answers because he didn't know about the mates and the mating frenzy. Dash and Callan explain it to him and Amanda overhears it. Kiowa then comments that there is nothing they can do about it and Amanda begins to faint. Kiowa didn't go to keep her from falling on the floor but Callan did. When Callan touched her she was in alot of pain because of the mate issue. The women cannot stand for anyone to touch them during the breeding cycle. So Kiowa goes to her. Amanda and Kiowa are both stubborn. Amanda doesn't think she can love him because he is a total stranger. Amanda decides to let them do some tests on her because she is in so much pain from her cycle. Kiowa comes back to sees this and is upset because Amanda is in pain from them touching her, he tells them to leave. Amanda decides to leave the compound so she can get back to her life because Kiowa won't listen to anything. They catch her before she leaves and return to the house. Kiowa is upset because she tried to leave him. Kiowa is having his own issues because he was raised by his grandfather who left him alone as a kid, his mother died when he was very young and the grandfather only came to bring food and books. Kiowa's grandfather told him that he didn't have a soul and that he was an animal. Amanda demands that Kiowa let her go to the lab and do the tests so they can try and figure out the breed cycle. He tells her to go and while she is gone Cassie comes to the house. She explains to him that his mother always loved him and that she didn't know that her father would treat him like that. Cassie also tells him that he needs to get the quilt that the mother made for him and he needs to go to Amanda. Kiowa gets a call that Amanda needs him because she is in alot of pain because of them touching her while they are doing the tests. He comes and holds her because she wants to continue when he just wants to get her away from the pain. They do figure more out about the breeding cycle. Kiowa takes her back to the cabin to let her rest because she is exhausted. Amanda tells him that she wants to go home and then falls asleep. Kiowa decides to give her life back since the cycle is over so he leaves her. He runs into Dash and finds out that she didn't get pregnant and Dash tells Kiowa to stay, but he thinks it is better for Amanda if he leaves so she can return to her life. Kiowa goes back to the shack that he stayed at when he was a kid and retrieves the quilt his mom made him. He turns and sees Amanda there, she tells him that she has been looking for him ever since he walked away without saying goodbye. The book ends with Amanda and Kiowa getting married and that the compound is now a Sanctuary and the breed law was passed do they can be treated as regular citizens.  My Rating: 3.5 (special thanks to Sandy)

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  1. loved kiowa hated the i must leave you to protect ya stuff.. but you already know