Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lora Leigh- Tempting the Beast

This is the story about Callan and Merinus. Merinus and her family are wanting a story for their newspaper on Callan they know he is part human and animal, which is a lion. Merinus tells her family that she wants to talk to him and get the story. So she goes down and tries to convince Callan to come forward about the lab and what they did to him. He ignores her because he knows that she is a reporter. But then someone calls stating they have the location where Callan is, she goes but the two men attack her, they are from the council who made Callan and the rest of the Breeds. Callan rescues her then takes her back to her hotel. She goes to garage that Callan owns and tells him that he needs to take his story to public. This is when the mating frenzy starts and Dr. Martin and Sherra try to run tests to help them. She learns that Callan isn't the only one that escaped, that he has a pride with him- Dawn, Sherra, Taber, Tanner, and Dayan are members of his pride that escaped with him. Merinus tries to control the mating frenzy so she escapes from Callan and goes to her camp where she has an extra cell phone, she calls her brother Kane, Callan catches up with her but she has made the call already. He is concerned that her family will try and hurt his pride. Dayan then challenges him as Pride leader but Callan defeats him. They return back to their place and Merinus is determined that she can control the mating frenzy, so Sherra is there and gets more samples to figure out about the mating frenzy. Callan wants her to submit to him but Merinus refuses to give in. They are then awakened to discover that the Council has found their location and are after them, but the council was sent for Merinus because they know Callan has mated with her. They want her so they can do their experiments. Callan and the pride escaped from them but Dayan has disappeared as usual when the danger comes. Callan and Merinus go to his safe house where he decides that to protect Merinus he has to go public about what he is. Callan calls Kane to set up a conference now and then he will go to D.C. to senate hearing. The tests confirm that the mating frenzy will conceive a child from it. Callan tells Merinus this, he then admits to her that he can't live without her and that he will do everything to protect her and the child. Dayan has found them at the safe house where he plans on killing the whole pride except for Dawn and Sherra. He is keeping them to breed with. Merinus keeps him talking until Callan comes down from showering, Dayan tells him that he killed Marie (Callan’s adoptive Mom) because she tried to convince Callan to go public before. Callan and Dayan are fighting and Callan defeats him by snapping his neck. Merinus' family has tracked them because Dayan destroyed the phone that they had marked with a GPS. In the epilogue, Callan and the pride testify at the Senate hearing where the public shows affection for the treatment against the pride. From this they shut down the labs and arrest General Governy as he is the head of the council. Rating: 4 (special thanks to Sandy)  


  1. My favorite part of this books was him laying on that rock pleasing himself while he knew she watched... lmao so cool.. tease me baby!

  2. Yeah but was the funniest part was that all his pride mates were home and knew what he was doing outside and why

  3. hahahaha yea that really was