Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lora Leigh- Wolf's Hope

Wolfe and Hope met in the labs. Hope's mother created Wolfe. She uses her daughter Hope because she knows that Wolfe has mated with her. She throws Hope in the cage with him thinking he would mate with her but Hope was a teenager and Wolfe didn't want to do that to her. She is in her room when she hears the explosion of the labs, her mother tells her that the labs are engulfed with flames and that they are all dead. It is 6 years later and Hope has been in pain since she is mated to Wolfe and no one can touch her. She is leaving her apartment and she is kidnapped, when she wakes she knows that Wolfe has her because she is in pain from the mating heat and she only gets that way from his touch. Wolfe is mad at her because he was given pictures of her sleeping with other men, he wants Hope to tell him who they are and what is her mother's plans for them. She tells him that she hasn't slept with anyone but he tells her that the hymen is broke and not there. So she figures her mother did something when she went in for her last exam. Wolfe believes her and tells her that he is sorry for doubting her. He says the reason he is still here is because of her. The mother has found them and she plans on to kill Wolfe and to take Hope to breed children. Wolfe pulls something and the gun comes out of her hand but the mother has a dagger but Wolfe gets to her and kills her. He tells Hope that he is sorry for killing her mom but Hope says she is not sorry for that and that she was more worried about him. Ends the book with them together and brings in Jacob and Faith taking the mother's body back to the soldiers. Rating: 4 (special thanks to Sandy)

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