Sunday, August 22, 2010

Richelle Mead - Succubus Blues

Thousands of years ago she made a mistake. No going back, the only choice in her heart is to purify the forward. For the sake of the ones she has hurt she has erased her birth and given her soul to evil. Now a daughter of Lilith, she carries the title succubus as she touches the life of mortals and draws out their very life energy. Always beautiful, always charming, her shape shifting attracts the human race into her web without even trying. Yet in the core of Georgina Kincaid's heart, she is not a being of the dark side. Loneliness fills her days as she works in at the Emerald City Book Store to blend into the realm she now resides. Trying not to take anymore than she must to survive, she makes the best of the things she can not change. A personal life is a forbidden fruit she will never taste again. With a few vampires, imps and demon friends that like her are from another plain, Georgina finds a balance that somehow helps her to manage time that never ends.
Indulging in reading is a favorite time that allows Georgina to escape the truth, even if it is just for a little while. A favorite series she has followed for years is topped with the arrival of the author for a signing at the store she works at, and a handsome stranger that crosses her path more than once. Abnormal things trigger a sequence of bizarre happenings that whirlwind into the murder of various immortal beings that are linked to Georgina, from both good and evil platforms. Fingers are pointed and questions are ask. Clues are given, that twist to the end. Who is involved, and innocent? With a triangle of love, passion, and the pain of the impossible, Georgina steps over the line to save,.... and to destroy. My Rating: 4